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Man with sign in centre of London; police arrive looking confused.
Sign reads: "The police
tried to kill
The police assulted
Stop police corruption!"

A Long Time Coming...

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It's been two years since the last update, and a lot has happened in that time.

I was thinking of winding down the Campaign, but then two individuals contacted me independently and thanked me for hosting it. One in the midst of a string of successful cases in Coventry, and another hapless chap in Swindon.


Meanwhile all manner of other people (Hello) have been popping in and out of contact faster than that arcade game where you hit moles with a mallet, for which I blame social networking sites. As a side-effect, it's getting increasingly difficult to keep track of all the people involved with the Campaign, consequently I'm not entirely sure who "we"/"us" are at any specific point in time.

The list of prisons is out of date by about 5 years, but that's okay because all the official and competitor sites are out of date by 10-15 years, and ours project about 10 years into the future. It could do with an update, but where's the time? And for that matter, where's the volunteers when there's actual work to be down? (Down the Pub, probably.)

I've started an advertising business which has nothing to do with the Campaign directly, yet shares some hosting, and put's it on a sounder financial foundation.

The chap in Swindon who's suffered recently has written a little report of his experiences, and asked us to host it.

Freedom main page.

Photo by Juan Aballe, taken at the foot of Nelson's Column, Trafalgar Square, London.