Otherwise-Unlinked Graphics

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Due to technical and legal complexities with the site host, otherwise-unlinked graphics files cannot be redirectly relinked-to from the main site.

Thus the main site links here and below are all the suchabovelike files::

The previously unlinked graphics files previously shown here have now been linked in, along with other new pictures, via the page explaining the Campaign Logo.

For those linking directly from The Freedom Campaign main page, here is a list of unlinked pages. All these are in the root directory of the Freedom site:

accounts.php (External link for legal purposes.)
talk.php (Error-catching link.)

Why are they unlinked in the first place? Well, a variety of reasons. Most are test pages, most of those are out of date and awaiting removal, a few are uploaded ready for a new page to use, then the new page didn't arrive due to some miscellaneous offline disaster.

The data for all these pages and other files is taken from the joint site histories, maintained by Miracle Delivery™.