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In response to demand and ideas, there are now several ways you can show your support for the Campaign, both fiscally and agreeing-with-ily.

This is a draft idea, and some things (like taxable status) are not yet clear. Money simply isn't there for tax, so if taxation is required on proposed promotional activity, prices will have to rise accordingly. Current promotional activities are not taxable in any case.

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by Pamela Jayawardena
This Campaign is soaring. Posters have run out from surprise demand, and people are asking to join.
This structure is envisaged as something along the lines of the National Trust model, whereby members pay to support a campaign, but do not necessarily work for it, and people who work for the campaign are not necessarily members of it. Vaguely confusing.

Full benefits (and meaning) of membership are yet to be finalised, but will probably include posters, badges, leaflets, and a quarterly newsletter.

Posters/Promotional Items

There are now some rather nice Posters for sell.
They are free to members and anyone who runs a shop or Pub.


The Posters are all the same design, and are priced as:


A5 Posters are infact more expensive to produce than A4 ones, but it wouldn't make motivational sense to price them higher.

The Posters previously up were original digital prints and fiendishly expensive (£5+ at cost price), so the new posters are reproductions, but still much higher quality than you could get out of an inkjet, and waterproof on high quality paper, too.

When mounting Posters or Leaflets in prominent positions please try to use White Tac (like Blu Tac but white), or white-faced Drawing Pins, for clean effect. Both these are available from all branches of WHS and doubtless other stockists.


The funds to produce the third batch of Posters will not be released until WED~11/6/2003AD, and, for some time, there are threemethods of getting some:
  1. Bump into me (Robin) on the streets of Chippenham/bath/Swindon, and ask me for some, payment in advance, receipts given.
  2. Phone 07811 550086.
  3. email, (Removing the NOSPAM bit first) stating how many of each Poster, and delivery address or collect.
Deliveries will be made (on foot) to either within the boundaries of Chippenham Town, or bath City Centre, or Swindon Town Centre. Collections by prior arrangement. In (the near) future postal deliveries may be possible, for which there will be a small P&P charge. Please note that the P&P for bulky items, like mugs and A3 Posters, will have to be around £2 higher, and that this will not be exempted in the case of foot delivery.

Other Items

Leaflets and Cards are also available, and these may be for sale in future or in bulk, though they are not currently easily bulk-producible at reasonable expense.

In future there are also planned to be available badges and mugs, and possibly other things (eg bumper stickers, beermats, pens, clothing, whatever).
(Promotional items are produced locally and not via misleading online shops that require a minimum order and therefore a profit.) All profits from sell of official promotional items go to charity [this one].

Shortly, there will be the possibility of purchasing subdirectories of the new domain name, eg . Proposals for types of purchase and availability may be found on a new page.


You can now become a member of The Freedom Campaign.

For this you get a quarterly newsletter, a set of Posters, and the option of a link from a page set up for this purpose on the Campaign site. You will also receive one of each new promotional item (if not prohibitively expensive) as they come out, the first probably being a badge.

You also get the satisfaction of furthering the interests of the Campaign and the people it has/will help(ed).

Membership Cost

Membership is proposed to be £7, concessed to £4 for the unemployed. Membership is free to unjustly-incarcerated prisoners whose home address is within the South West. (And further afield if funds permit and demand is not too high.)
It lasts for a year, after which renewal is prompted.

Applying for Membership

Please supply the following details:
(Who you are and where you are, basically.)

Payment is by cash, English postage stamps, or a combination.
There are no cheque-handling facilities. Uncashable vouchers will be returned.

Send payment in the same method as under "Ordering", under "Posters/Promotional Items".
Receipts will be given.

(Your personal details are held for offers of renewal, sending of literature, and other correspondence, and will not be passed on to any other organisation.)


The Freedom Campaign needs volunteer workers.

Current there is the demand for (but not the structure to support - yet!):

Volunteers should be supportive of the Campaign's aims and not work for the police service or police Authority in any capacity, except as an Independent Member of the police Authority. (As if.)
The Freedom Campaign is not an official employer, and does not discriminate on grounds of gender, race, age, disability, sexual orientation, species, any other non-alterable characteristic, nor political affiliation.


This is a non-profit operation. It is anti-corruption, and therefore also anti-fraud within itself. It does not pay it's Workers, whom are volunteers, except at cost price for materials etc. It is not a company, and does not pay tax on profits (because there are no profits). It is not a registered charity, because it's assets are under £5000, and it has no board. It is organised as a collective. Whether it is definable as a charity or not is being worked upon. Just because it does charitable work for free does not make it a charity, apparently.(?) It may be classifiable as a religion or church, which shows you just how bananas these definitions we are lumbered with are.

Costs split into publicising its work, ('looks at the funding breakdown again) not to make money, but because enlightenment of current bad practice is one of it's aims. Other major costs are collecting and sorting information. Sorting being office-type work, and collecting being being-shot-at-in-the-field-type work. Collecting is in fact extremely stressful, and nobody complains about the tedium of office-type work after doing it. Then there's Acting on the information, which is partly like office-type work, partly like collecting, and partly like standing up at public meetings and asking awkward questions in a crowded room (Volunteer appeal here).

Meetings, such as there are, generally consist of either online collaboration, or thinking up things to do, and doing them. Meetings so far have been held online, in various Pubs, and in the street. Meetings, using the term loosely, hardly ever involve all Workers, and usually last about ten minutes.

Funds will be spent on:

Funds have been spent on:

(See the separate accounts page.)

They will Not be spent on:

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