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The submission form has been suspended during the domain transfer.
If you wish to make a submission, please copy the text version of the Form below into an email client, and send it to , removing the NOSPAM bit.

This is the online submission form for inclusion in the Freedom Campaign's Civil Liberties Search Directory. The Directory has UK and non-militarised protest groups bias, and was created because no Directory meeting those demands exists publicly elsewhere. It is also far more comprehensive than any other online Directory. New entries are always sought and some are queueing.

If you do not wish to submit an entry, you may instead be interested in reading more about the Campaign. The most up-to-date information is available in technical and summarised form.

How to use the Form

Please try to fill in the form as completely as possible; this will save much time and correspondence.
You may want to print or save a copy of this page to your machine. It may also help to predraft, find details, and discuss with colleagues the data, before entering it here.

All of the form features inbuilt help: If you are unclear on any point, hover the pointer over that part, and a “tooltip” will appear. Alternative Browsers and Browsers for disabled users may display inbuilt help in a different way, but it will still be available.

Please note submission is not an automatic process; it is subject to research, verification and confirmation. Entries are likely to take over a week to process.


The name of your Group:
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What ARE you?:
What do you DO?:
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Requests and Legal Notes

Many of the initial entries have been researched without the involvement of the groups concerned. Any restricted, trademarked, registered, or copyrighted information has either not been used, or the source has been cited to instead. Any entries will be amended upon request, and proof that that request is genuinely from the group concerned. If a group wishes to be added, they can use the form below. Inclusion in the Search Directory does not imply any association between The Freedom Campaign and that group; Joining the Webring can involve some action in common. Though the Webring is run by the Freedom Campaign, and the campaign is a part of it, the Webring's remit is wider than that of the Campaign itself.