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What's Happened

The Freedom Campaign is changing...
... Changing domain name address.

This page used to be the test main page, and is now the changeover and tests explanation page. The other parts of the original test page have moved to:

Latest Tests

There was a small subsection of the rapidly-growing pages transferred to this new Hosting. Pages are now fully functional, apart from links to pages not yet transferred, although there are hardly any of those left now.
(Temporary Page Tests were originally for the new traffic foot and ISML replacements, but these are now all working.)

Transfer has now reached the stage where the majority of pages have been adapted and transferred, including the forums!
The new Find Logging is now functional on all associated sites.

Therefore, replacing the list of available pages, is, just the main page.
(The last list of main links pointed to the Table of main contents, and the two test pages for the new main page.)

It's getting close to the point of switchover!!
Just some tedious debugging and archival delays holding everything up...
(And then there's the people delays of course, but all that should conclude in parallel.)

Why This Is

But why change the domain name in the first place, you may ask?

Much research was done into alternatives, but they were all taken. Freedom is a popular basic word with many uses and customers.
Eg,, $6600: The price of Freedom.

Icelandic Domains

Then Icelandic is-domains became available. Indian in-domains also popped-up recently, but India is a large and well-connected country, and all the main dictionary-words were snapped up immediately.

Notice, the very-obvious ones like and were already taken, but these domains are modern enough to be useful and remote enough to be largely-available.
Besides which, subdomains and directories can be sub-let, if the price is right and the anti-corruption tax complications can be sorted out. Has several advantages:

Freedom main page.


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