Blind Justice, mugged by
 police Corruption Blind Justice, mugged by
 police Corruption

police Corruption:
is this Still a Free Country?

Thank you for visiting The Freedom Campaign, a UK Civil Liberties group highlighting and combating the ugly question of police Corruption/misconduct in the South West.

We collect Experiences and Suggestions for Action.

This site shows instances of corruption, including how the British police routinely subvert the Courts to imprison and attack innocent people.
This Campaign is anti-crime and does not accuse all officers of corrupt practise/misconduct.

Please note: Many subsites and redirects now run from this domain. These are not associated with the Campaign, nor vice versa, unless explicitly stated otherwise. The content of external sites is beyond our control.

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Man with sign in centre of London; police arrive looking confused.
Sign reads: "The police
tried to kill
The police assaulted
Stop police corruption!"

Slightly Old News

It's been two years since the last major update, and a lot has happened in that time.

I was thinking of winding down the Campaign, but then two individuals contacted me independently and thanked me for hosting it. One in the midst of a string of successful cases in Coventry, and another hapless chap in Swindon.

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(Irritatingly, wilts police have pushed the conflict resolution service over the edge since the last update.)

The campaign continues to plunge headlong into the unknown, and is updated on a second-by-second basis. This should not be confused with the website, which is updated less frequently. We moved into new offices some six years ago now. This campaign is now more reactionary than proactive, which is a consequence of having to concentrate on making and keeping money, although the campaign itself will never be sold or brought, and neither will the domain name.

The Freedom Campaign - it's what! .

We supporting VoIP telephone dialling (including Skype).

Old News about Parking is now in the Campaign Diary.

Slightly Premature News

I've bedded in the restructuring visually, and later on we'll move to an article/CMS-based structure. Perhaps even later on, the remit can be widened to considering the surrounding sociological implications and causes of corrupt conduct.

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Interim number: 07811 550086,

Freedom on the March:

There is now a mobile version of this site.

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The old forums & summaries have been removed, and will be regurgitated in a new system of reference and news articles. Comments and latest news have been rented out to facebook and twitter. This feed is updated every twenty minutes, and should display on all devices. For faster updates, visit @uberfree on twitter.

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The Small Crusaders Webring has been removed and may feature on the Civil Liberties Directory in future. You may still visit the hubpage, though. The help pages for it were out of date, and have been taken offline.

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hat bears the legend "Terrorist".
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