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Prison Plan


Saville Road,
Cambridgeshire PE3 7PD
Tel. (01733) 217500
Fax. (01733) 217501

Governor: Mike Conway (Prison Director)

Controller: Mark Howell

General Description

Though the prison didn't open fully until Easter 2005AD, building work finished in November 2004AD. (The remainder of the time was used for staff training.)

This document was last revised THUr~5/8/2010AD.

Operational Capacity: 840

Reception Criteria

Accommodates 480 men and 360 women.

Takes all people on remand from courts in Cambridgeshire and some existing prisoners from overcrowded jails in other parts of the UK. Female prisoners will also come from North Lincolnshire to North London. Most of the prisoners will either be on remand or awaiting transfer to other prisons after their trial.


The prison is split in two, housing male people on the (south) blue side and female people on the (north) red side. All captives will be aged over 21.
"Built with space, colour and natural light in mind."
Each side has a gym and healthcare centre.

The emphasis in provided education is vocational, eg hairdressing, catering.

Supposedly people will have 12 hours per day out of their cells; other prisons have claimed similar things but ended-up with 23-hour lockups.


The prison is on the site of the former Baker Perkins/Rockwell & APV Works, indirectly off Westfield Road a mile North of the Railway Station, in the town of Peterborough in Cambridgeshire.

Type of Accommodation

Cells, mainly single.

HM Chief Inspector of Prisons Recent Report

(Pending retrieval)

Visiting Information

Visiting Times

For all visits:
Saturday, Sunday & Bank Holidays: 0900 - 1700
There are no visits on Christmas Day and New Years Day.

Dedicated booking lines:
Tel. (01733) 217536 (Revised)
Fax. (01733) 217512
(Legal representatives should fax their requests.)

For weekday (Monday - Friday) visits:
Social visits: 1300 - 1930
Legal & official visits: 0900 - 1930

There is a free car park available for visitors.

Booking Information

Arranging Visits

Convicted prisoners will receive a Visiting Order on a weekly basis that should be mailed to intended visitors.
Visitors for remand prisoners should telephone the booking line and arrangements will be made for their Visiting Order to be collected at the visitors' reception.

Remand Visits Entitlements

Basic regime prisoners can have 30 minutes per day. The visit must be completed by 1630.

Standard regime prisoners can have one visit each weekday for 60 minutes.

Convicted Visits Entitlements

Basic regime prisoners can have one visit up to a maximum of one hour per week.

Standard regime prisoners can have one visit for a maximum of two hours per week.

Enhanced regime prisoners can have one visit per week up to a maximum of three hours, plus one additional three hour visit per month by application only.

How to get there...

Peterborough is mid-way between the East Anglian coast and the Midlands. 5 miles from the A1, and 20 miles from the A14, which links the east coast ports with the Midlands. Main routes by road are via the A47 and A15.


A (free) Visitors Car Park is available.


Clerk to the Board of Visitors,
Saville Road,
Cambridgeshire PE3 7PD

General Information

Peterborough is an 840 place category B prison that opened on Easter Monday 28th March 2005. It accepts both male and female people in separate wings, "the first UK prison to do this". Apart, that is, from HMP DURHAM, and in Scotland; HMP CRAIGINCHES, 'DUMFRIES, 'GREENOCK, & 'PORTERFIELD.


There is a 12-Place Mother and Baby Unit, and inpatient facilities in the Healthcare Centre.

Other Information

Prison Service Area: Eastern

Area Manager: Danny McAllister

Escort Area/Contractor: Area 4/Group4

Constituency: Peterborough

MP: Helen Clark (née Brinton) (Labour)

Local Authority
-County: Cambridgeshire
-District: Peterborough

Constabulary: Cambridgeshire Constabulary

Probation Service area: Cambridgeshire Probation Service

Information researched by The Freedom Campaign with some continuing assistance from UKDS.

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