Campaign Objectives

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The original aim was centred around just my Case, but has since become more balanced.

The Freedom Campaign seeks to raise awareness of increasing police Corruption, debating the causes and methods of reducing this, and coping with the implications in the meantime.

Current Status of these Objectives


"Put the gun down, or we'll call the Hippies"

When the police commit crime, just who precisely are you supposed to hand them in to?

If you call more police without some kind of immediate proof, you could trigger a bloodbath-style of fight.

It is best to come up with some kind of contingency for this before rather than when it happens.

Untrue Lies

Harassment in the legal sense:
(All untrue here.)

All the above recited by Wootton Bassett police to a Pub, stating that I had pursued the exact legal definition, resulting in a thanks to the police from the Pub for the tip off about a dangerous criminal, and a ban from the Pub by the Pub, for me. [Pub's name withheld by me, because I'd quite like to drink there again, negotiations recently reopened. (It's not the Red Lion, by the way, whom have behaved like complete Rats to all parties whilst pretending to be the opposite, and can now take a running jump.)]

So: They tell businesses honest citizens are criminals, do they do PR work for criminals as well?

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