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Simplified map of Fareham, Hampshire This is a simplified map of Fareham, Hampshire; where the open prison is located. It is drawn from memory, and I reserve the right to correct it from map data when I find my map. There is also an interactive map.

Fareham is on the south coast, between Southampton and Portsmouth, at the very north-western tributary of the Portsmouth Harbour drainage basin, and it is to this that the "Quayside" view on the map refers.

The map shows the centre of Fareham, the bail Hostel being on Trinity Street, at the bottom left of the map. All the relevant roads and locations for the photographs are shown. As you can see, Dickson House is handy for all local amenities, including shops, Court, and the local police Station. The Bus and Rail Stations are also not very far. Fareham is a small town, the rest of it being residential, though it also houses the impressively big Tower of the Civic Centre and the shopping Centre so huge compare with the rest of the settlement that it gives the impression all Fareham's Public budget has been spent on it, on the assumption that all of Fareham's families' shopping budget will be spent within it. There's a ribbon of small shops along West Street, expensive deserted restaurants in the deserted High Street, and that basically is it.

The other striking thing is that there are more old forts than they know what to do with; some grassed over, some restored, but many strangely converted into industrial estates.