Lessons learned on solving problems arising from imprisonment

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Delays thus far after leaving prison

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Communications links, trying to restore.

Temporal Diagram
Temporal Diagram

For my friends who think this diagram looks familiar, let me reassure you that all the personal detail has been removed from this public version. This only shows the major recent disasters in my life, and their proportion and order. All contact and other information relating to other people and specific places has been taken out.


Total time out of "the Loop", 7½ months
Total time of disasters (Prison, Bad Debtors,
illness (abscess, viral, surgery), 5¼ months.
Remaining "enclosed" time, 9 weeks.
2 Weeks: Damage Repair
(Unavoidable, some reconnection maybe could have been attempted, but the opportunity was missed.)
7 Weeks:
Rapid preparation for [private] and related matters. (Essential, but should have started connection in parallel with and attempted a quick Hello and Presummary at the beginning of.)
This not realised until now (May 12th).

Generalisation of Reoccuring time periods

Now, this is more helpful to others.

There is, for the purposes of this document, a continuously rotating cycle of normal time, punctuated by disasters/disruptions during which no significant progress is possible.

My reaction to this in the first two "pink" bands in the diagram above, is to plot out a slot in which a work project runs, then find myself knocked flat before I can present/deliver the results.

A better plan is to say "Hello, this is where I am, what I've got, and where I aim to be & how I plan to get there. And also my timescale for doing so." Then when I get knocked flat halfway through, the people on the other side will know what's going on, and expect the half-completed results, and, maybe, be able to help.

This sort of thing applies to others finding themselves in a similar position; of recovery to or back to certain goals after particular disasters.

Damage, Delay;
Repair, Recovery

There has been unavoidable delay. But now:

The police are in serious trouble, probably serious enough for even them to notice soon.

The What's Happened so far area of the Campaign Diary.
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