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 police Corruption Blind Justice, mugged by
 police Corruption

police Corruption:
Is This Still a Free Country?

We campaign against police corruption in the Southwest UK. This campaign does not accuse all officers of malpractice.

Corruption, for these purposes, means serious crime maliciously committed by the police against the public, and sometimes internally. Behaviour such as misconduct, violence, torture, and harassment fall under it; not just bribery, fraud, and vested interests.

This site was last updated SUNd~19/7/2015AD.


This campaign site has had gaps in updates, and in the meantime the civil liberties activity has moved offline. Close cooperation with other protest groups and political parties has increased (particularly those in Bristol and Swindon), and so has legal and direct action against the police. So, for that matter, have police attacks against us, including false arrests, harassment, torture, death threats, defamation, perjury, and foot-shooting in general. All pretence at respectability or accountability has long gone out the window.

If anything corruption has increased, but the common methods have also changed. Some things, such as serious theft from medical charities, has recently [apparently] ceased; others, such as death threats and an irritating refusal to investigate murders, have increased in frequency.


Please do not send us detailed reports of specific cases. It is the job of the IPCC to whitewash those. We do not seek to replace the police, if anything we'd rather abolish them. Some say that society cannot function without some kind of effective policing, but we seem to have managed well enough so far. This suggests that the ineffective policing we're left with is contributing less than it hinders.

We seek to change government policy, to make it less rewarding for the police to commit crime, and for such a concept to be readily acknowledged instead of labelling people who point it out as paranoid and/or conspiracy theorists. We also raise awareness of it among those who are routinely abused or give glowing & inaccurate praise because they think mister nice policeman that they encounter is like that all the time and can do no wrong.

This campaign used to have a more jumbled structure, which is still mostly there until anyone can be bothered to summarise and integrate it. Previous projects listing prisons and specific cases will be scaled down. Now we are switching to primarily a database of articles about news and progress, which much of this summary document will doubtless end up being stuffed into.

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