Why Nobody Trusts the British police in the UK

On August 2009, J was attacked on his doorstep by his brother-in-law R:

Two Swindon police officers arrived and went straight over to R who was sitting on a neighbour's doorway nursing a black eye and playing the victim very well.

J heard R dropping his nephew's name in the police force, and she then proceeded to arrest J without even speaking to him first.

He told the officer that she was about to make a false arrest [incorrect arrest] as he was the one assaulted and consequently the one who had telephoned them.

She then asked if he would accompany her to the station un-cuffed [attending voluntarily] to give his version of the story to which he agreed under the impression that he was going to get to explain the events chronologically, thus supporting his innocence.

Incorrect Arrest

Upon arriving at the station the Desk Sgt asked "Is he under arrest?" To which she then lied "Yes".

He then spent 23 hours in custody most of which were in a tiny smelly cell at Gable Cross [Swindon police station] and included being processed and having his broken hand rolled over the finger-printing machine in agony before being allowed to go to hospital some 5 hours later.

J's requested brief was also on site until 2am before leaving yet they failed to inform him that J had been waiting in a cell for him since 7pm.

On release they read out the charge "Assaulted wife!" which was later rectified by a decent and intelligent police officer behind the desk.

The custody log shows numerous mix ups with other detainees records.

After numerous hours of claustrophobic panic attacks, J was interviewed by a civilian investigator who wrote on her notes "J has admitted to assaulting R" despite J clearly stating on the tape recording that he didn't and was infact the victim. She did this to ensure that the CPS would press charges.

Resistance to Due Process

After two weeks of trying and eight attempts, J finally got to make his counter-allegation which should have been the primary and only allegation but each time getting through to the biased lead arresting officer who kept lying and telling him that he couldn't make a counter-allegation. This has since gone on her record.

A second civilian investigating officer, who was supposed to be representing J's interests, invited R in and released him without charge despite his statement contradicting itself.

Conspiracy & Mistreatment

J being a qualified Private, Industrial & Commercial Investigator later discovers that all officers involved are best friends with his attackers nephew in the force and are even facebook buddies with all of them. He has all the screen-prints as evidence.

He now wrongfully has a criminal conviction for common-assault for giving his attacker a black eye. He is seeking the quashing of this conviction, the arrest and charging of R and the dismissal of the two arresting officers and the two civilian investigating officers.

J soon after suffered a clinical nervous break-down as a result of his treatment at Gable Cross Station. It's becoming evident now to most why someone has recently committed suicide immediately after being released from the infamous Gable Cross Station.

Court Setup?

Upon leaving the Swindon magistrates court wrongly convicted of common assault, J found an American Express card. He found the owner on facebook and arranged to return it. She asked for it to be returned to the front desk of the court.

He recognised the owner of the card as one of the magistrates who had just wrongfully convicted him. He has the entire facebook conversation saved & printed.

Ask yourself this question: What do you think the chances are of having your American Express card returned to you if dropped outside a magistrates court?!

J would now be interested to know if the evidence on this page will now change things or will the three magistrates just leave things as they are not really caring about truth and justice.


~ We live in a hypocritical society where talking to God is called prayer, yet when he answers back it's called schizophrenia.
We live in a society where you're asked to swear the truth on a Bible yet our system believes everyone in court is guilty regardless and placed upon a merciless semantic & procedural masonic conveyor belt whereupon the outcome depends solely on how liked your solicitor is by the officials and who he plays golf with.
This is the country created by a Labour Government, whose communist colours are red for a reason. ~

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Publisher's Notes

This report was passed to us to be put in the public domain. Unnecessary identifying initials have been removed, as personal identification detracts from general behavioural problems. Due to the suicide, the identity of the particular police station has been left in.

The edited report is still far less general than ideal; perhaps future submissions will be more generally helpful.

I've recently been informed that there is a longer version of this report available.