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Life in a Bail Hostel

This is a collection of my and other's opinion of Bail Hostels, Probation Hostels, combinational Hostels, and any other types of Hostel thought relevant. It has become necessary to do this to unite miscellaneous content, and to stop irrelevant content leaking onto other formalised pages, such as personal experiences on the Directory of Open Prisons; not an entirely helpful mix.

Unreality Show's

The Big Brother contrast is partly because of all the surveillance and custody involved, and partly because while I was inside, it struck me how similar the experience was to Reality TV:


Hostels have a curfew around 2300 to 0700. There is 24Hr staff cover, and strictly/stupidly enforced house rules. Breaking the rules results in warnings, or a Breach [of Bail], which generally means prison for a week. Eg, late trains are an imprisonable offence, but not for the rail operators, for the passengers, if they're on Bail.

This is of course a serious attitude problem:
If you break the rules, you go to prison;
if someone else break's the rules, you go to prison.
It's all wrong...

When I was in a Hostel, I was threatened with imprisonment for a staff member losing my keys (wrong peg), they did apologise though. Also for eating my own biscuit between mealtime (sic), because it was against the rules, which they didn't apologise for: People shouldn't be sent to a Cat. B for eating a biscuit.

More information, with a typical daily routine.

Other types of Hostel

There exist further types of hostel, such as YMCA/Salvation Army ones for machostic members of the general public, which are not prisons, or at least not intended to be prisons. There are also Domestic Violence and Torture "refugee"-type shelters, which technically speaking are a type of hostel, but since these have a strictly voluntary attendence, they are not prisons and not included here. The fact that their locations are secret, and have to be, in order to operate, is not relevant to why they are not included: If we did find any secret prisons to which people were dragged off against their will, we damnwell would publish their details: Fear not [on both counts].


This logo is intended to be a parody of the NPS logo contrasted with the Big Brother logo in the sense of the Novel 1984.

It is not a direct copy of the Big Brother/Endemol® logo, rather an independently generated impression, and is does not indicate association of any kind with Endemol® or the Big Brother television programme. No approach has been made to Endemol®, since this is probably not required. An approach to the NPS probably is required, but since they are the same people who wrongly locked me up, they can take a running jump if they think They are offended... I doubt they would be anyway, atleast not until they read that last sentence.

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