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In Line

In line with my recent review of the level of respect I show to the [Wiltshire] police (none at all), I have levelled to Zero (not negative (yet)) all references to that organisation.

The police Deserve Everything they Get

From a the Disclaimer on Rob's personal site page about the people stalking him:

Due to the nature of viewing normally spoken comments through a text medium, some passages may appear unfairly harsh. This is not intended, and I would like to extend an apology for any misinterpretation to anybody here who recognises themselves and feels a comment is unfair, with the exception of the police, who deserve everything they get.

A type of highly offensive verbal/written "weapon", is the combined use of swearing and unkind messages, or the use of cutting truthful informed criticism. Using them both together, along with justified [minimal] physical resistance, Legal Action, and Media Coverage is totally beyond the pale, but then locking people up in order to hide the criminal activities of the people doing the locking up is even worse, so:

Wilts police's Helicopter 'spy in the sky'.
 This is kept flying by a medical charity for use as an ambulance,
 but the police nick it most of the time.
“If the police have helicopters,
it proves Pigs Can Fly.”

The circulation of that’ll make them start regretting parking the Damn thing in the sky next to my house for months.

’Anyone know where I can buy Barrage Balloons?

Wiltshire Constabulary:
Criminals in Uniform.


police Truck bearing the legend
"Covert Surveillance Unit" Once again, the police’s “Visible Deterrent” policy had run into problems...

Wiltshire Constabulary
Criminals in Uniform
(in the style of the motto on their website)

The original door of a police vehicle;
 motto 'Keeping Wiltshire Safe' →Photographic 'respray':
 'Criminals in Uniform'

   Ford stood up. ‘We're safe,’ he said.
   ‘Oh good,’ said Arthur.
   ‘We're in a small galley cabin,’ said Ford, ‘in one of the spaceships
of the Vogon Constructor Fleet.’
   ‘Ah,’ said Arthur, ‘this is obviously some strange usage of the
word safe that I wasn't previously aware of.’

- From Page 45 of The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams
Uniform Excuse
policeperson opens fire on crowd,
uniform bears the legend "Terrorist".
The Keystone Kops on the road,
 in their antiquated vehicles

Wiltshire police claim to respond to emergency calls promptly, but witnesses cite Three Days as the usual response time, unless you live in Calne, where Never is the norm.

Red triangular road sign (warning symbol),
containing the speed camera symbol,
with sign saying "Piggy bank" underneath.
Uniform Excuse
policeperson with full face visor and gun,
hat bears the legend "Terrorist".
Uniform Excuse
policeperson with big stick,
uniform bears the legend "Thug".
Uniform Excuse
policepeople battering person on pavement,
uniforms bear the legend "Muggers".
Uniform Excuse
policeperson breaking down a door,
uniform bears the legend "Burglar".

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