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      Quotes from the other inmates in the
      open prison, by their request.
      Another type of Quote:
More leaks [indirectly] from the (Wilts) police.

Quotes Requested

Quotes requested by the other inmates in the open prison to put on here, by their request::

*90% of the people in this Bail Hostel admit to committing some crime in the first place, so possibly this figure is closer to 9%; still far too high. (90% Guilty means 10% innocent & reliable-sources-for-this-purpose 10% of 90% is 9%.)

Another type of Quote

More leaks [indirectly] from the (Wilts) police:

"You've made them look like idiots,
and they don't like that."

Two points spring to mind:

  1. Now that isn't fair at all: The police
    are a professional organisation: They don't
    need my help to look stupid.
  2. Well, Tough. If they don't want me
    stepping on their toes, they shouldn't
    have stuck out a toe whilst I was passing.

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