Groups that exist to fight for our Civil Liberties

In this section, a Directory of links and other contact info, of English\British Civil Liberties Groups.

(The main one is Liberty.
  “Protecting civil liberties, Promoting human rights.”)

Groups focusing on Civil Liberties and Human Rights.
The main players. Note Human Rights are not always the same thing as Civil Liberties.
      Imprisonment and Miscarriages of Justice.
      Incarceration without trail, and how to cope with it, in other words.
      Smaller protest groups highlighting local problems.
      Like this campaign, particularly focusing on police Corruption.
      This site is also a founder member of The Small Crusaders
      Webring, and some groups may appear on that instead/aswell.
      (Previously known as the Civil Liberties/Voluntary Org Webring.)
Specialist Cause or Regional Groups.
Here for balance, eg the Irish problem, aggressive homophobia, racism, disability prejudice, &c.
Groups local to North Wiltshire/bath.
Those that do not relate to police Corruption. For that, Cf. smaller protest groups, above.
Can't find what you're looking for here? Looking for Militant Direct Action or anti-capitalisation/Mayday groups? (Not really concentrated on within this site.) Try these.
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This Search Directory contains in addition to names descriptions and links, all the material you would normally have to dig around for, ie address, contact numbers, explanation/objectives, features. The logo (optimised and/or reduced) is shown if there is one. It should then only be necessary to visit their site or contact them for detailed data, or to join.

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Unless otherwise shown, all addresses are within the UK. (Includes NI, for at least the reason that the phone numbers do.) Mail from overseas should show the full address except the postcode, then “England”, THEN the postcode. The UK International call code is +44.

The groups listed here are not associated with this site and do not necessarily know of its existence.

If you run or work for a Protest Group or Civil Liberties Organisation, and wish to be added to the list here, there is a Submission Form available.

Groups focusing on Civil Liberties and Human Rights.

Large, mainstream groups
Who & WhereWhat

Location Map Liberty
Liberty is an independent human rights organisation which works to defend and extend rights and freedoms in England and Wales.

They aim to secure equal rights and freedoms for everyone.

Sphere of interest: Activities: Campaigns to extend & defend civil liberties.

Activities: Conference, Meetings, Systematic Research, Information service available, Library, Lobbying.

Liberty's legal advice for the public.
Liberty's legal advice for lawyers.
Support Liberty now.

21, Tabard Street,
Tel. 020 7403 3888
Fax. 020 7407 5354
email info@liberty
URL www.liberty

Location Map Amnesty International (UK)
Our concern is for the protection of Human Rights. We focus on the release of prisoners of conscience, fair and prompt trials for all political prisoners and the abolition of the death penalty, torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment. We provide information about human rights and produce human rights publications.

Started 1961AD by Peter Benenson, involving two Portuguese students who were imprisoned for raising their glasses in a toast to freedom.

The world's largest international voluntary organisation dealing with human rights. More than one million supporters in over 140 countries. The UK section of AI has around 150,000 members. There are over 330 local groups across the UK.

The International Secretariat in London is the research HQ with more than 320 paid staff. It has an elected, democratic decision-making structure. Their research is often consulted by scholars, journalists, governments, and organisations looking for information on human rights violations.

Emphasised Principles of Impartiality and Independence. Amnesty members do not become involved in cases in their own countries.

The people they have helped (with letters and publicity) say the pressure has had an effect. However, other factors such as political change, economic pressure, or the campaigning of other independent activists, are often the reasons for more humane behaviour on the part of governments.

Amnesty International UK
99-119, Rosebery Avenue,
Tel. 020 7814 6200
Fax. 020 7833 1510
email (General, UK) information@
email (Scotland) rburnett@
email (Belfast) enquiriesni@
Fuller UK contact details.
URL www.amnesty

Location Map Freedom Association Ltd (TFA)
TFA is NOT associated with The Freedom Campaign; the name is just a weird coincidence.

We are a non-partisan political pressure group campaigning for:

  • Freedom of speech.
  • Decentralisation of power.
  • Maintenance of the rule of law.
  • Greater choice especially in health and education.
  • National sovereignty and independence from the EU.
  • The United Kingdom and a constitutional monarchy.
We are opposed to, and campaign against:
  • Bureaucracy and red tape.
  • Political correctness.
  • Regional assemblies.
  • State monopolies.
They publish a magazine, “Freedom Today”, and their President is Norris McWhirter (Chairman Christopher Gill, Campaign Manager Philip Duly.).

Assoc. with “Save our Sovereignty”, “Save Britain's Fish” and the UKIP.

Anti-EU. Anti-Asylum (of the current numbers, on the grounds of overcrowding). Against Regional Assemblies & Devolution: Evolution? Anti ID Cards.

Sphere of interest: For citizens to enjoy the right to be governed by rule of law duly enforced without fear or favour; 15 basic rights are given in the objects including freedom of: Movement, Religion, Speech & publication, Private ownership, Private enterprise, Assembly & association if lawful.

Activities: Conferences, Meetings, Liaison with Government.

PO Box 2820,
WV16 6YR
Tel. & Fax. 01746 861267
URL http://www.

Location Map Society for Individual Freedom (SIF)
The SIF (Est. 1942AD) continuing aim is ‘To promote responsible individual freedom‘.

It campaigns for more personal freedom, less State control (including less taxation). Ombudsmen were their idea. It is independent of all political parties.

Condensed from their Statement of Beliefs:

  • The individual, not the State, is the source of morality and authority.
  • Citizens should have the freedom to act freely provided they do not harm others, and that the law should guarantee individual liberty, not to act as a paternalistic guardian.
  • Capitalism.
  • Taxes in the UK are far too high.
  • Justice be administered by Courts free from political pressure.

They hold regular public meetings, hold occasional luncheons at the Houses of Parliament and publish a journal, The Individual.

Sphere of interest: To campaign & lobby on issues of personal freedom.

Activities: Conference, Meetings.

6, Swan Terrace
East Sussex
TN34 3HT
Tel. 01424 713737
Fax. (No Fax No. found; so far.)
email (General) chairman@
email (Journal Editorial) editor@
URL www.individualist

Location Map Libertarian Alliance
“For Life, Liberty and Property”
The Libertarian Alliance is a non-partisan group fighting statism in all its forms and working for the creation of a truly free society. Please feel free to browse our archive of 700 publications. They cover Politics, Economics, Law, Sociology, History, Philosophy, and much much more.

If you are a journalist, researcher, politician, student, or just someone put on by the authorities, we surely have something for you....

Sphere of interest: Leading radical pro-free market and civil libertarian group.
Campaigning for social and economic freedom.

Nt: No personal callers without prior appointment

(Accommodation address)
25, Chapter Chambers,
Esterbrooke Street,

Tel. 020 7821 5502
Fax. 020 7834 2031
Membership Director,
Nigel Meek
URL www.libertarian

Location Map Further Resources La Fédération Internationale Ligue des Droits de L'Homme (FIDH) (The International Federation of Human Rights Leagues)
The purpose of the FIDH, is to advance the implementation of all the Rights defined by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the other international instruments protecting Human Rights.

The FIDH brings together 115 Human Rights organisations from 90 countries. It is officially recognised by the [French] state, non-political, non-sectarian, and non-profit-making. It works to:

  • Mobilise the community of states
  • Prevent violations, and support civil society
  • Observe, and alert
  • Inform, denounce, and protect
The FIDH is the first and only international human rights organisation with a universal mandate to defend all human rights. It is an organisation ‘reconnue d'utilité publique’ (state [France] recognised) by decision of TUEs~27/9/1983AD. Its accounts are in the public domain and can, therefore, be consulted by all.
17, Passage de la Main d'Or,
75011 PARIS,


There is also a interactive photo tour of this address and the rest of Paris, with a more accurate map.

Tel. +33 (0)1 4355 2518
Fax. +33 (0)1 4355 1880

Location Map International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU)
Humanists consider human experience to be the only source of knowledge and ethics. As a living philosophy, Humanism constantly enriches itself with the progress of knowledge.

Guided by the spirit of human solidarity, Humanists are committed to tolerant pluralism and human rights.

It offers people a secular ethics grounded in human values.

Quoted from the American Ethical Union:
The basic viewpoint is one of freedom for the individual to work out one's own personal theory toward the unknown and the mysteries of life, such questions as the nature of ultimate reality and death.

IHEU was founded in 1952AD in Amsterdam and is the only umbrella organisation of Humanist, rationalist, atheist, secularist, ethical culture and agnostic groups around the world.

The Humanist attitude forms the basis of the concept of human rights.
IHEU concentrates especially on the rights to individual self-determination and freedom of belief, has defended civil liberties and criminal reformation, and it's pioneering statements in defence of Homosexuality are widely quoted.

“International Humanist News” is a quarterly magazine with news and special features on Humanist developments.

“For details of a Humanist group in your country, to subscribe to a Humanist magazine in your language (there are nearly 200!), or to participate in an IHEU Congress, contact us (in English, French, German, Hindi, Marathi or Telugu).”

Formerly the International Ethical and Humanist League(?)

47, Theobald's Road,
Tel. Tel. 020 7831 4817
Fax. 020 7404 8641
020 7430 1271
email humanism

Location Map National Peace Council (NPC)
National Peace Council, founded in 1908AD, has acted as the co-ordinating body for almost 200 groups across Britain, united by their interest in peace, human rights, justice and the environment.
The NPC is in the process or reorganising and devolving itself as a network.

Culture of Peace Fund: Appeal So Far Raises £17000.
The Culture of Peace Committee consists of Bruce Kent, Elnora Ferguson and Jon Nott, with Tim Wallis as part-time Coordinator.
The Culture of Peace Committee continues to operate from the same office as the NPC.

162, Holloway Road,
N7 8DD
Tel. 020 7697 0949
Fax. 020 7609 9777
email cpc@gn
URL http://www.

Location Map Further Resources Charter88
Constitutional & Political Reform. (Est. 1988AD.)
18a Victoria Park Square
E2 9PB
Tel. 020 8880 6088
Fax. 020 8880 6089
email info@
URL charter88

Location Map Further Resources: Guides from the first WWW site on human rights. Human Rights Web
The first WWW site on human rights, and the place to start if you want to know more about them.
PMB 351,
360 East Evelyn Avenue,
San Francisco
CA 94086
Tel. +1 408 736 2237
Fax. (No Fax No. given.)
email webmaster@
URL www.hrweb

Imprisonment and Miscarriages of Justice.

Imprisonment and Miscarriages of Justice
Who & WhereWhat

Location Map Prison Reform Trust (PRT)
“Research · Education · Information”
A Charity funded entirely by voluntary donations.
Independent and confidential advice to people in prison and their family and friends. They prefer that prisoners contact them directly.
Free, independent, and accurate advice on the prison system including: Family Visits, Property, Complaints & Regimes, and Temporary Release & Transfers.

Publications including:

They can suggest alternative agencies, or contact officials on behalf of a prisoner, but cannot take legal action against them.
They can't provide legal advice or help with miscarriages of justice. They can't visit clients nor offer advice on welfare or probation.

They welcome information about prison conditions. Meetings are held with the Prison Service, and with other groups with an interest in prisoners' rights.

Prison Reform Trust,
15, Northburgh Street,

(Replies within 21 days)

Tel. 020 7251 5070
Fax. 020 7251 5076
email prt@prison
(Replies within 21 days)
URL www.prison

Location Map HARP
Help and Advice for Relatives of Prisoners
Information and support for anyone who has a close relative or friend in prison.

Free Confidential helpline (Calls also welcomed from professionals).
We also offer emotional support and a listening ear.
Call you need more information or would just like to talk things through.

We provide information about:

  • The prison system
  • Visiting prison
  • Travelling to prison
  • Finances
  • Talking to children about their parent's imprisonment
  • Community support services

Daytime Tuesday-Friday 1000-1600
Evenings Monday and Wednesday 1900-2130

HARP is managed by the Ormiston Children and Families Trust (Registered Charity No: 1015716), which also has local support projects in Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

Ormiston Children and Families Trust
51, Cambridge Road,
Tel. 01223 426148
Answerphone: Calls returned on request
HARP Helpline 0800 389 3003
Fax. (No Fax No. given.)
email webmaster@
URL www.harpinfo

Location Map Further Resources INNOCENT
Fighting Miscarriages of Justice since 1993AD
INNOCENT is an independent Manchester-based organisation which supports and campaigns for innocent people in prison.
Many innocent people have been wrongly convicted in the past.

If you are trying to help a wrongly convicted prisoner, contact INNOCENT. We will do whatever we can to help you. Please write to us for details of our meetings.

INNOCENT has been meeting fortnightly ever since it was founded at a meeting in Manchester Town Hall on MONd~14/6/1993AD, as a sister group of Conviction.

Families and friends of those wrongly convicted support each other in the long and difficult task of overturning convictions.
The name of police officers who fabricated evidence and defence solicitors who sold their clients down the river were found to keep popping up.

British justice may be a better system than many in this world, but it is far from perfect. The cases outlined in HOJI are testimony to this.

They maintain a Directory of similar groups, mainly in the North of England.
They may also publish a book (information unclear) by Kevin Christian, called “British miscarriages of justice/wrongly convicted”.

Dept. 54,
PO Box 282,
OL1 3FY 
Tel. (No Tel. No. given.)
Fax. (No Fax No. given.)
email innocent@
URL www.innocent

Smaller protest groups highlighting local problems.

Smaller Protests
Who & WhereWhat

Location Map Victims of the Dorset police
“Victims of the corruption involving the Dorset police.”
This could be a appeal for help published by someone whose civil liberties have been not-that-seriously violated, or it could be an abusive attempt to get something he's not entitled to by a paranoid fantasist. In the interests of freedom of speech and fairness, I have included this site until I come to a conclusion. But if he is swinging the lead, he would be letting everybody down, and I will marginalise this link and publicise my findings, good and bad.

He runs two sites, and claims links from other anonymous sources, but all these source sites have been set up by him aswell. He Posts to discussion forums, but 99% of the replies to him are from him under false identities.

His mind is slowly unravelling in public, but there still might be something underneath it. The logo contains a swastika and has been partially censored. Regularly Post's to the Weyboard!.

Mr. Ian Koenig & Mr. Croley,
C/o 7, Baileys Court,
High East Street,
Tel. 07890 326053
Fax. (None)
email eavesdropper
URL www.the

Specialist Cause or Regional Groups.

Specialist and Regional Groups
Who & WhereWhat

Location Map The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
EFF, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, is a non-profit, non-partisan organization working in the public interest to protect fundamental civil liberties, including privacy and freedom of expression, in the arena of computers and the Internet. EFF was founded in 1990AD, and is based in San Francisco, California, with an office in Washington, DC.

Ranked by WebCrawler as one of the 4 most-linked-to sites on the Web.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation
1550 Bryant Street, Suite 725
San Francisco
CA 94103-4832
Tel. +1 415 436 9333
Fax. +1 415 436 9993

Location Map Committee on the Administration of Justice (CAJ)
Defending human rights and civil liberties in Northern Ireland
The Committee on the Administration of Justice works for a just and peaceful society in Northern Ireland where the rights of all are protected.

CAJ takes no position on the constitutional status of Northern Ireland and is firmly opposed to the use of political violence. Its membership is drawn from across the whole community. Established in 1981AD, an independent NGO affiliated to FIDH.

They have been working for many years to secure policing and criminal justice reviews. Priorities for action:

  • Equality
  • Criminal Justice/Emergency Legislation
  • Policing
  • Protection of/Bill of Rights
They publish a monthly Newsletter “Just News”, one of which enlightens:

“The post-911 climate is one where civil liberties suffer. It casts a shadow over the way in which minority ethnic groups and asylum seekers are treated around the world.”

- Edited from an article by Ann Godfrey in “Just News” March 2002AD.

45/47, Donegall Street,
Northern Ireland
Tel. 028 90 961122
Fax. 028 90 246706
email webmaster@

Location Map Press for Change
Press for Change is a political lobbying and educational organisation, which campaigns to achieve equal civil rights and liberties for all transgender people in the United Kingdom, through legislation and social change.

“PFC's uniquely open and non-bureaucratic structure empowers people.”

BM Network,
Tel. (No Tel. No. given.)
Fax. (No Fax. given.)
Claire McNab, Web Editor & Vice President editor@
Correspondence letters@
URL www.pfc

Location Map Stonewall
For Lesbian and Gay Equality

Stonewall takes its name from the Stonewall riots. In 1969AD anger and frustration at police harassment in America's gay community precipitated the riot at the Stonewall Inn in New York. The Stonewall riot gave impetus to the concept of a gay ‘community’ and to the possibility of unified action to effect political change.
Stonewall Lobby Group was established in London in 1989AD by women and men who had been struggling against Section 28 of the 1988AD Local Government Act.

As a social group homosexuals have been actively persecuted, punished and excluded. The victories that we are winning now are largely about dismantling that discrimination.

As well as lobbying, they run national campaigns, and provide research and information. Stonewall runs specialist Immigration and Parenting Groups.

Within each of their subsections, there is a mini-FAQ, and other handy resources.

Stonewall Lobby Group,
46-48, Grosvenor Gardens,
Tel. 020 7881 9440
Fax. 020 7881 9444
email info@stonewall
Media enquiries sebastian@
URL www.stonewall

Location Map The Anti-Nazi League (ANL)
For the first time in a generation, European Nazis are making significant advances, especially with football hooliganism, racism, and Jean-Marie Le Pen, in France. (This is not related to any arguments against the EU.)

It has taken Britain's Nazis more than a decade to begin to regroup from their almost total eclipse at the hands of the Anti-Nazi League in the late 1970s.

The Anti-Nazi League was re-launched in 1992AD, by people including Peter Hain MP.

The ANL is a broad-based, mass organisation. Anyone who wants to stop the Nazis can join, regardless of political belief, religion or creed. The one single aim is to stop the Nazis reaching a wider audience and growing.

They pin the label of NAZI clearly on the likes of the BNP and NF, by use of propaganda [they mean education], demonstrations and counter-demonstrations.

PO Box 2566,
N4 1WJ
Tel. 020 7924 0333
Fax. 020 7924 0313
email enquiries@
URL www.anl

Location Map Further Resources Parents 4 Protest Wales/Cymru
P4P Wales Campaigns for child/parent custody Rights, primarily in Wales, but also across the UK.
About mishandled child custody/access:
Some kind of flaw in the justice system, and/or corruption in the Family Courts (Private Court proceedings).

“All we want is some decent time with our loved ones.
To achieve this natural Right you must first prove
the legal Right to contact with your own children!”

Supported by Bob Geldof, and supporters with Fathers 4 Justice, who have been in the news with their superhero-costumes-on-bridges method of grabbing publicity.

They aim for Court Reform and to inform the Welsh public, by sustained local protest.

Activities: (monthly) Meetings, Campaigning, direct action Protest, Lobbying.

Resources: Support for families, very active Protest News, Archive, List of AMs (Welsh MPs) and MPs, Mailing List.

On behalf of all good parents denied contact with their loved ones.
Also tackles domestic violence and automatic anti-male viewpoints.

“Every year in Wales over 3000 kids loose all contact with their fathers; failing our children with catastrophic results evident on the young today.”

A British study found children are 33 times more at risk when a stepfather is present than in an intact family.

Info on CAFCASS, a secret organisation within the Family Courts, sloppily-setup and with extreme and unregulated powers.

Parents 4 Protest Wales/Cymru
42, Rhodfa Bevan Cadoxton,
West Glamorgan,
SA10 8AJ
Tel. 01639 620567
Alt. Tel. 01792 849289
email (Layton Bevan) parents4protest@
URL http://www.parents

Groups local to North Wiltshire/bath.

Local Groups
Who & WhereWhat

Location Map: (BRAG Only passes through here; Platform 2.) BRAG
(Better Rail Advisory Group)
Public Pressure CAN Make A Difference.

Founded by David Da Costa and Paul Gentleman, formerly known as the Bath and Chippenham to London Action Society.
Commuter's Boycott on March 1st (a Friday, in 2002AD).
Lobbying the Government and Rail Operators to improve Rail service.

They invite every rail user to register their comments. They also offer support and advice to interested parties within the rail industry who wish to communicate directly with their customer base.

Condensed from Mission Statement:

  • National Forum for passenger's to air their experiences.
  • Up-to-date info: Timetables, route planning, fares, disruptions.
  • Arbitration between passengers and train companies.
  • ‘Customer Comfort Policy’ seeking limit on standing, and clean toilets.
  • National rail membership card.

BRAG has been set up by passengers, for passengers and is totally independent.

(Chippenham and Bath;
no physical address)
Tel. 07774 734730
(David da Costa)
Tel. 07970 683444
(Paul Gentleman)
Fax. (No Fax No. given.)
David da Costa davidda
For other Passenger Groups, with the National Boycott of the rail network groups@
URL www.BRAGrail

Save Lyneham Campaign Group
Petition to keep RAF Lyneham from closure, which would wipe out the local economy. One airbase in the South West has to close during the RAFs upgrade of it's fleet of transport aircraft, the others sharing this problem are RAF Magwan in Cornwall and RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire.
Address (Somewhere in Lyneham, Wilts)
Tel. 01249 000000
Fax. 01249 000000
email x@y
URL www.lyneham

(Dyson Redundancy Support Group)
A Proposed Support Group to help 800 employees of Dyson to find reemployment after the Malaysian problem.

Dyson Had to move most of it's operations to Malaysia or go bust. The people who were protesting against its expansion are furious about this, of course. Neither are they pacified by the news that this cost-cutting will enable the company to expand and get them back their jobs. Worst than that, I can't find any news of the support group's address, other than people saying something must be done - and then not doing anything.

The NDWC Proposed this Group.

Dyson Redundancy Support Group:
Proposed Support Group to help 800 employees of Dyson to find reemployment after the Malaysian problem.
Condensed from reports in the local paper:

Dyson's bagless vacuum cleaner production is moving to Malaysia, needing cheap labour to stay solvent. Production of all cleaners will end by the beginning of November 2002AD. Redundancy notices will be issued in October to the 700 permanent employees remaining.

Mr. Tom Sturgis, leader of NDWC, indicated potential support from Great Western Enterprise, and the Swindon Economic Partnership, and has asked the South West Regional Assembly to create a fund for job seeking and retraining.

Dyson said the redundancy package it was proposing was more than double the statutory payment requirement and it was also setting up an on site support centre to help people to find new employment.

“I think the cost of making the vacuum cleaners on this site is spiralling out of control so the move is inevitable.”
  - Mr. B. Tidey, 54, Production Coordinator

“By letting people go in November, that will be the worst time, just before Christmas.”
  - Mr. S. Jones, 32, Technician

Swindon-based Cendant pounced on the available labour in February 2002AD.

Address (Somewhere in Northwest Wilts)

Dyson's [the company] Address:

Dyson UK Ltd,
Tetbury Hill,
SN16 0RP

Tel. 08705 275104 (Dyson Ltd)
Fax. 01666 827298 (Dyson Ltd)
email Form

Location Map Farmers For Action (FFA)
Farmers For Action were formed in May 2000AD by a group of farmers who were unhappy with the way in which their traditional organisations were representing British farmers. They welcome non-farming members and also those from overseas. They have no allegiance to any political party.

They aim to secure a sustainable level of income for farmers and growers.

On their site:

Run by David (Chairman) and Marilyn Handley (Secretary) (dairy farmers from Monmouthshire) and Paul Reynolds (cereal & beef farmer from Chippenham).

For information relating to Publicity Merchandise contact the Treasurer (Paul Reynolds), on Tel/Fax. 01249 652285, Fax-only. 01249 443451.

The Secretary,
Farmers For Action,
Old Llanishen Farm,
NP25 4BU
Tel. 01291 690224
Fax. 01291 690984
email secretary@

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