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What this is, how to use it, typical uses and users.

The format of the main page encompasses a hugely complex and changing structure, and it [the content] is constantly changing in a like manner.

The original format of a story in chronological order leading to more interactive sections at the end is giving way to non-interactive searchable resources and fully interactive forums, the results of which eventually become more searchable resources.
Currently, this process is mid-way through, with all resources chronologically arranged, and the interactive ones emboldened.

In order to comply with various increasingly complex technical and legal issues, there is a list of otherwise-unlinked pages and graphics.

Site Features

Note: Don't write to us telling us this page is as rough as heck: We have noticed already. It is hastily banged together from bits of similar things, and is a low priority for "smoothing down".

These associated support and policy documents will be moved toward a "Governing Document", in line with the consideration to become a Charity, itself in line with the UK Charity Commission's guidelines.
The Campaign is a non-profit voluntary group, not formally a charity, at this time. It is organised as a Collective, which is like a Trust without the bureaucracy.

Textburst has been taken offline, until it can be automated.

Guide to what's Coming Up!
The twin sites Coming-Up document revision sem's to have been misplaced. Not to worry...


Redlines have turned out to be more trouble than they were worth, and have almost entirely been phased out. Once they are gone entirely, this section will disappear also. Because of this, it will not be rewritten.

Campaign Objectives

Objectives: What we hope to achieve with this site, and the campaign in general. These run on alittle bit, including into related issues, and so have been given a separate page.

Campaign Definitions

The Freedom Campaign: A non-profit voluntary Civil Liberties group fighting and highlighting police Corruption in the South West UK.

We collect Experiences and Suggestions for Action.

The main site shows instances of corruption, including how the British police routinely subvert the Courts to imprison and attack innocent people.
This Campaign is anti-crime and does not accuse all officers of corrupt practice.

Geographical Locations

Most of the people involved in the Campaign are in or around Bath, Chippenham, and Swindon, in the Southwest UK.

However, some people and groups in other parts of the UK also have some involvement, and there are many further afield:

Not all of those listed above are part of the Campaign itself; the ones nearer the top are closely associated, the ones nearer the end provide services.

Additionally, the Campaign and it's members cooperate widely with other UK Civil Liberties groups and with those the Campaign help's.
We also tend to spend a lot of time hanging around police Stations, and for all the wrong reasons: This is of course inevitable.


How this site is intended to be used by what groups of people, and how it can help them, in what ways.

The innocent, unreasonably incarcerated without trial

Like me. ['Means Rob, originally.]

Now this stop's you having to re-invent the wheel.

People wondering where all these Civil Liberties Groups are

And we had to hunt to find them, too. They get mentioned on the news, eg "The government has announced plans to shoot all late payers of the TV license. Civil Liberties Groups have said this is a very bad thing....", but who and where the heck are they?

Well, you'll find them listed and categorised in the Search Directory.

Those who have seen the Posters last summer in Porter Black's (Pub) etc

And are currently working their way through the feature list, wondering where the billed bits are in this site.

People just released from imprisonment

Problems arising from (short/medium-term) imprisonment (and Release.)
And other stuff surrounding, in the Campaign Diary.

Career criminals, who accept their punishment, and escape torture

People who have burgled someone, and are looking to get even more that they are not entitled to out of their journey have no place here.

The Freedom Campaign does not support or endorse crime. Indeed, I, Robin H., who am writing these words and attempting to run ["encourage" would be more accurate] this Campaign, have caught numerous criminals. Which is more than the local police can say, but that's an entirely different matter. Nonetheless the local police do have one remaining useful role; that of a kind of garbage disposal service, though even this is becoming immoral and counter-contradictory.
It may also be necessary for some people to sometimes call out or log reports with the police on behalf of the commercial organisations they work for, for insurance reasons.


In order to avoid misleading, please note the following:


All of the web Pages here are original, some copyright-free javascript. Public domain Java code was used in the past. Some javascript and CGI has been custom-written, mainly for the Forums. A third party has written some SVG, but this remain's on the back burner due to lack of support in current Browers. Most of the graphics are in the public domain, or external trademarks used under fair trade rules of referring to that owner's site.
Authors of external graphics are acknowledged in the extensive list of graphics files.

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