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My (personal) contact details:
Tel. 07811 550086 (Mobile/Cellphone)
(Overseas +44 7811 550086.)

Please email us@freedoms.4tNOSPAM.com (Removing the NOSPAM bit first) as a first preference, and allow a week for replies.

Campaign Diary

What's Happened so far

This is an uneven mixture of Campaign History and News retired from the main page.

What's Planned

(But not when or where; incase the police and other criminals start watching this site.)

Points that are generally ongoing most of the time:

Happening Now:

Discussion list/Guestbook/Corkboard

More interactivity (DISCUSSION LIST ONLINE). Again! Technical difficulties surmounted!! AGAIN!! Utterly improved.

Try also a Discussion Forum ALSO NOW ONLINE, next to add a forum of my own in groups.google.com), as requested.

currently only email (us@freedoms.4tNOSPAM.com), not recommended,
and the Mobile +44 (0)7811 550086. Postal mail is better, right now.

FAQ: Frequently asked Questions

Commonly Said/FAQ:
police Corruption: Is This Still a Free Country?
Good question.
So what exactly did you do [to deserve this police action]?
I didn't. The police started the action, partly prompted by various tiny outside parties consisting of idiots with power.
What were you Charged with?
Harassment, as in stalking. (Which is ridiculous and particularly hypocritical coming from the police.)
So why did the lady in question make that Charge if you're friends with her?
She didn't. The police did. The lady in question strongly disagrees with and has on occasion publicly protested against these charges which the police claim she is making. (These claims crumbled under scrutiny at one of the police's own Interviews, however.)
Why is this site seemingly not updated for ages, then by a huge lump all in one go?
Please bear in mind that this site is being RAPIDLY updated following my Release from prison, both offline at home, and online in a (recently installed of heating) intercafé by a railway station; that doubles both as a crèche and a noisy meeting-house. Also please bear in mind that as I write type these words I have other things to do as well, and, as things now really start to take off, I am being deluged by material that I have only just (very luckily) installed the tools and procedure to deal with.
I notice some parts of the document structure are empty. Why is this?
A Note from The Past:
  Due to limited computer access at the Bail Hostel, this page is in a "lumpy" form, and will be revised once my freedoms have swapped around again. Probably November 2001AD. ('Turned out to be early December.) It's not easy publishing a website from prison, so I trust you'll understand this site being a little rough round the edges. The content's rushed in here, that's the main thing.

Please note: There is morbid interest in my Case in particular. If you are morbidly interested in this, or you find yourself criminalised as a victim of crime, there is now a sub-FAQ just for you.

The Lacking Lexicon:
What the police say....
...and what they mean

We don't want this to go to Court because we don't want you to get a criminal record.
We don't want this to go to Court because we don't have any evidence.
I'm going home to get my bayonet.
I'm going home to hide behind the sofa.
(Okay, that's a from a Biker.)

Oxymoron Collection

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Depiction of the abuse of given
 power, against Justice and Liberty.  police Corruption: Is this still A Free Country?
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the Sword of given Power, stolen and run through her; representing the abuse
of Power."></A>&nbsp;<TD>
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Support the Freedom Campaign at freedom.is !
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