The Public Face of policing Today

Part-demolished building with doors opening
onto empty space. Speech bubbles from inside:
"I wouldn't break down that door mate."
"F*** you! We're the police and we'll do what we want."


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"police lose support of the middle class" read the headlines.
Once again this is an attitude problem. The spilling-over of oppresive tactics into the mainstream now means that people previously insulated from how the police really behave are facing it more often.
"We just wanted to sit down with our picnic and have a sing-song, and the police attacked us and beat us with sticks!" -Disbeliving exclamation from middle-aged female countryside protesters. (They broke down in tears on the evening News.)
The police can't carry on with this devil-may-care behaviour: Do they think there will no consequences?

Normal Difficulties

We are currently supporting part of two corporations and some similar things that have got themselves embroiled with the local police in a way that compell's the police to avoid criminally corrupt and violent behaviour.

To describe exactly what is happening would create a nullifying paradox, so that will have to wait. How far the compellation extend's to other parties seem's at the moment "not very", and research ongoes' into that, and how it might be extended.

More recently, the police have said that it's no trouble for them to stop with the harressment, which (1) is probably as close to an apology as we'll get for the time being and (2) means they will be harressing other people instead.

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