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Calne Christmas Lights Switch-On
We promoted this event in and . had unseasonably icy conditions, which made it too dangerous. Further attendances have been disrupted by a DWP fraud team whom lack the ability to add up, subtract, and are ignorant of the differences between turnover, profit, and income. #BackToSchool


Calne MRS
Model railway Show at Calne Leisure Centre in

This repeats every January. In 20‌13, due to heavy snow, they held an extra, "Snow Show", in June.

In , this will be on & , 'til .


Model railway Show at Melksham's Christie Miller Centre in , advertised in Melksham, Bath, and on the gate of Radio One's Big Weekend in Swindon.

In , this (the model railway show) will be on & .

The next, smaller, model railway show will be in Chippenham, in theory on . Although, this date isn't fixed yet as we've only just had the one.


Adverts for RISC OS were launched in the Cardiff Bay area on & .

RISC OS is a British computing platform, both hardware and software, that has many common features missing: It never crashes, has no bugs, cannot catch viruses, isn't slow, does not have built-in redundancy, and doesn't catch fire two days out of the showroom. It is easy to use, highly productive, and competitively-priced.

The major players you can buy RISC OS systems from are:

There are also many User Groups and Exhibitions held across the UK: See Drobe.

The next exhibition will be the Southwest Show, on Saturday , held near Weston-super-Mare.

Chez Nous
Touring festival and large event caterers based in Swansea. Chez Nous are regulars at many events in the Southwest, including Chippenham Folk Festival, Glastonbury, the Trowbridge Village Pump Festival, and Sidmouth FolkWeek, among others.

In , we accompanied them at Chippenham and Trowbridge.

Chez Nous

Chez Nous dissolved in . Possibly reformed as Iechyd da Catering.

Table Top Circus
Another promotional company, based in Salisbury, which we regularly work closely with, usually not publicly yet though.


Emergency Services Show
We were at the Emergency Services Show , and hope to come back in .

As if the phraseology about exposing myself wasn't bad enough, at this event I was flashing too! (Covered in flashing blue lights.)


Wootton Bassett Rocks!

If you would like to donate please text: RWBR11 £5 to 70070 (or an amount of your choice)

A rock video filmed in 'Bassett High Street. Due for national UK Release on . Now showing on big screens in Swindon, and maybe further afield....

Follow them on twitter & facebook [above].

Radio One Big Weekend
Big Weekend Very early during , I obtained permission to advertise on the gate of this event. I wasn't allowed into the main area, which was a shame because by a curious coincidence R1 were doing a feature on Powerisers, but I was allowed to attend on both days, which most people weren't.

I made friends with Firewalkers security team, a sandwich/drinks van, BBC security on the other side, and clashed with SBC's peddler licensing team.

[Trowbridge] Village Pump Festival
TVPF The Festival is under new management, and looking for acts for . This one keeps reinventing itself. Previously, I worked as a subcontractor, when it was just outside Trowbridge in . Now it's nearer to Westbury.
Bristol City Council
Bristol The opening of a new library in North Bristol outskirts. However, this appears to be a non-existent job, dreamt up by a DWP fraud team whom lack basic arithmetical and accounting skills. We haven't got the time or money to waste on this stuff, and we're certainly not going to risk stranding people in Bristol because of it. Just in case this was real, we passed it on to a competitor.
Chippenham Model Railway Show
This generally takes place at the end of September, in Sheldon School Sports Hall.

Chippenham Show

Avon Chippenham
This does not refer to the river Avon in Chippenham, but the Chippenham branch of Avon Cosmetics Ltd.