Southwest Show

Bristol Venue

Here are some maps & plans of the area around the venue, and the layout of the site itself, as well as some information about parking, nearby shops, and Hotel info.

Map of the area around the venue

Area map

Plan of the venue itself

Hotel plan

Downloadable data

There's also an archive of the both plans in full detail. Different levels of detail from this have been shown in the rendered images above.

Both filetype and filename extensions are in the ZIPfile, the master version is a Drawfile called Master.aff; the other versions are called print.*

There's also an SVG version, although this hasn't been fulled validated for scaling. Some PC printers default to odd scaling setting when given SVG files; embedding it within another document is a workaround: MsWord and PDF versions have been generated and checked.

Car parking

Although the venue has a large free car park, it's possible it could overflow. There are several alternatives nearby, which aren't immediately obvious.

  • "Go Outdoors" has a free car park at BS4 3DS
  • Sainsburys have a customers-only car park at BS4 3BD.
    The also have a footpath from the Hotel, if parking isn't a problem.
  • Slightly further afield, The Range have a car park, probably customer-only, at BS2 0SP
    They are also leisure facilities such as tenpin bowling and a multiplex cinema near that. It's further North than Sainsbury's, running next to the main railway line/junction.
  • Also further away, Broadwalk shopping centre in Knowle BS4 2QU has a mostly-free fairly large multi-storey carpark. You can't park overnight but it's open from 6am to midnight, between Friday and Sunday. The car park is accessed from Redcatch Road, and if you have an electric car, there's a free charging point on the roof.


My own business page hosts this info.

Railway warnings

An oddity of the main railway approach to Temple Meads, is the rather rough & jumpy extended junction, as services are sorted ready for the platforms. It's a lot bumpier than other stations, and we don't recommend standing if you're not local!

Bristol Temple Meads also has a long-stay car park, but the charges can be steep. It's usually a lot less for the weekend.


Some of the building layout towards the back, where the ground floor bedrooms are, is largely guesswork, based upon how the roof looks. Although data has been drawn from photos, one site visit, and Bristol City Council's planning portal, it's a big building to survey, and errors may have crept in.


The restaurant generally only serves breakfast, with most meals being served in the Lounge Bar. The restaurant area itself can be used as exhibition space, as can the chapel. (Whether this will happen this time is unclear, so I've included all relevant areas in the plans.)

Earliest normal check-in is 1400.
Latest standard check-out time is 1100.

Hotel website is arnosmanorhotel.co.uk
Tel. +44 (0) 330 102 7234

Local area

Bristol is a vibrant city, politically and artistically active and with lots of watercraft and Tech. Some highlights include:

  • College Green: The city council offices, public open space and cathedral. There are often demos, protests, and camps set up on the green, and the central library (which looks like something out of Harry Potter) is next to the cathedral.
  • Temple Quay. This is a new area, next to Temple Meads station, and runs along the river.
  • Engine Shed. This houses local Green and Tech startups next to Temple Meads. There are a lot of coding and animation businesses in the city.
  • The Bag O'Nails. This is a cat pub, ie like a cat cafe, but it's a Pub. It's a great combination, and conversation is encouraged above music. All the cats were born in the Pub, and they wander between their private area upstairs and the bar, between the two important things in cat life: Food and sleep. If they're not too busy sleeping, they'll let you pet them, or wander over for attention. Those cats are very well looked after. There are also board games, real ale, vinyl music, Lego etc. Most things appear at first to be banned, but this is a joke and common sense prevails. The only real rules are no disruptive behaviour, and no dogs. People dressed as dogs are fine. It's further West than the council offices, in Hotwells, which originally was famous for the hot springs and funicular railway embedded in the cliffs, some of which are being restored. Here's another review.
  • The river. There's all sorts of stuff facing the river, including arty shops & cafes merged into docks for smaller craft, full historical sailing ships, artistic bridges, and fountains in the pavement at one point. One nightclub is on a glass-bottomed boat.
  • Broadmead shopping centre.
  • We The Curious (formerly At-Bristol), which is a science exhibit centre.
  • Stokes Croft. Just North of Broadmead, the Bohemian arts centre, with political graffiti by Banksy and others covering many of the buildings. As well as being awash with public art, it's also a hotbed of political activism. There are several cheap internet cafes here.

More Maps

A few more maps of the surrounding area.



Showing the overall area, and the route between the Rail station and the venue.

Temple Meads Rail Station

Temple Meads

The approach to the railway station, showing bus stops.

The railway station is also on the edge of the city centre proper.

Sainsbury's Area


Just to the North of the venue, a cluster of facilities around Sainsbury's supermarket. Sainsbury's petrol station also features a car wash. Black Castle was originally a mock castle, and is now a Pub and steakhouse.

YoBikes are hire-able bikes, parked at designated points. They can be cheaper than buses for the adventurous, and they're certainly more flexible. You need some kind of mobile phone to hire them.

Distant Car parks

Go Outdoors

Positions of overflow car parking, and the nearest library.