Stand Above the Crowd


A collection of photographs on the lighter and/or more worrying side of mobile advertising. Select a picture to see the fullsized version (green border if available).

Photos by Martin Axford Photography.

Early Daze

One of the early tests end's up on a caption competition.

  • "You must realise that some of us have serious work to do."
  • "I have used the smaller lift so I do not fall over."
  • The specialist rapid window cleaners inform the caretaker that the security grilles should have been removed beforehand.

Attracting attention, not least on the part of the stiltwalker trying to stay upright on uneven slopes.


Well, Penny-Farthings looked odd when they first came out.
-Come to think of it, Penny-Farthings still look silly.


Presurveying the route to avoid low structures turned out not to be quite thorough enough.