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Nobody will visit you if they don't know you exist!
You might start with a shop hoarding and listings on the web and in phone directories, but sometimes you need to announce news directly in the region. Examples:

  • Events (shows, exhibitions, conferences, auctions)
  • Promotions (free wigs for pensioners, try our chocolate flavoured toothpaste, etc)
  • Directions (new shop next left etc)
  • Road Signs (new legislation makes fixed road signage illegal)
  • Start-ups (new traders)
  • Charity (jumble sales, fundraising, appeals, events)


The basic format is a guy on fancy springy stilts (Powerisers) wearing advertising.

This involves balancing, novelty, weightlifting, and gadgets. It is very attention-grabbing.

Also available, talking direction sign (ground level; visitors able to ask the briefed sandwichman). Sandwichman may also hand out your leaflets/cards to punters.


Leafleting Gardening

Postal leafleting has been dropped. We still do leafleting as part of walkabout or stands promo, on stilts at events.

There now a sideline in gardening. Brambles, weeds, overgrowth; all removed. Thorns no problem.

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You need to inform us that you have done this, and wish to take advantage of this offer, around the time you arrange the assignment. This offer does not apply to stiltwalking, due to the complexity of costing safety issues.


Mobile advertising - Sandwichmen -
Big mobile advertising hoardings.

Touring slow road junctions, traffic jams, sporting events and High Streets across the M4 corridor. Smaller text and/or animated lighting is not available on signs near roads for practical & safety reasons.

Professional photography is available in association with Martin Axford.


This is a postal address only; the office is elsewhere and visits are subject to security clearance. On most occasions, we visit clients rather than the other way around.

Stand Above the Crowd
8 Westbrook Close
Frogwell Lane
Wilts SN14 0DL
MMS/Tel. 07811 550086

Stand Above the Crowd is a trading name of Miracle Delivery™. Cheques should be made payable to “Stand Above the Crowd”.

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