Poster police

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New Posters are up, with the new address highlighted with "What price police Corruption?".

Opposite Chippenham police Station is a car park festooned with parking restriction notices. On the back of one of them, we placed a Poster. This was to call attention to their falling observation levels. Scarcely 10 weeks later the police noticed. They removed it without commenting.

Detail of the Posters, show in the enlargement.

The signs in the car park, from the other side. Clearly, the police have to get out and walk around to notice them, but that's no excuse here. The sign the Poster is on the back of warn's truck drivers that there will be no overnight sleeping permitted. probably because the police are too noisey. Anyway, the drivers sleep in the daytime, and nobody complains.

Care was take to place all the Posters so they pointed away from the roads, to avoid falling foul of new regulations. Possibly, this is an erosion of the Right to Protest. The councils are enforcing this to avoid distracting drivers, but that sound's like an excuse. They are also, in some cases, claiming Posters need planning permission, even when they are on existing structures on private property.

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