Grassurfing: Picnicking Prison

Surreal image of Stonehenge
 partly made up of picnic items

There is a tendency for the police to smear legitimate harmless events by prefixing them with the word "illegal" and a buzzword instead of their proper term. Hence country picnics become grassurfing and meeting friends in a car park become's car-cruising. Which results in something along the lines of:

“Illegal grassurfers have been active in local fields again.
Illegal sandwiches have been consumed in an illegal manner,
without event licences, insurance, or protection fees.
We're not trying to stop people enjoying themselves.”*
*This is not a real quote. Yet.

This was originally written in January. Since then, the police have declared the South West a no-go area for "raves", illustrated by pictures of Druids worshipping the sunrise at Avebury, or a dozen people getting arrested for having a picnic with the landowner's permission near Glastonbury.

The police of course will be doubtless too busy to muck around like this, so what are they actually doing in spring? Last year they were painting double yellow lines around the country lanes of Avebury so they can tow picnicker's cars, then blame them for causing congestion. (Then fine them, then charge a towing fee, then fine them again.)

All this distracts attention from their inability to tackle local crime, or indeed any crime, which is what they're there for, which they seem to have forgotten: Not fining parked drivers for drinking water or holding apples, not breaking up democratic meetings, not using the anti-harassment laws to harass people.

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