Blind Justice, mugged by
 police Corruption Blind Justice, mugged by
 police Corruption

police Corruption:
Is This Still a Free Country?

Doubled-Parked policecar
(Front view, zoomed) Doubled-Parked policecar
(Rear view, zoomed)
Not learning from their previous mistakes when they double-parked in the same place and got snapped on a cameraphone, Chippenham police show how much respect they have for the media, and for the laws it is their job to enforce. (Photos taken 1502BST, Friday 6th May 2005AD. Location map.)

The first long-distance convert speed cameras were switched on 13th April 2005AD on the M4 by Chippenham bandits, Imean police: Persecuting hapless motorists on a road purpose-built for high speed.

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